What is Enamel

The enamel is a vitreous body formed from a mixture of silicates and stained with noble metal oxides. It is used as a decorative coating for valuable objects or gold ware. It is also called noble metal enamel.

Handmade enameled filigree items are baked in special ovens at 9000 c Grade and all delivered with gold-plated 24 carats gold.


In Egypt, jewelry was made of enamel before 2000BC. Cypriot find dating back to the 14th century, probably from exiled Minoan craftsmen who knew the technique, have also been discovered.

The enamel reached the zenith in Byzantine era.

The main contribution of the Byzantine craftsmen was the discovery of the enamel cloisonné.

The Byzantine creations were unique and attached interest throughout Europe jewels, royal symbols, sacred vessels were made in Constantinople (Istanbul) and Thessaloniki, and from there, they were conveyed to the West. After the Iconoclasm, many artists left abroad, where the spread their expertise.

Many monasteries had a great artisan workforce.

Many works of arts which date from the 8th century are in the San Marko Museum in Venice.